About us
About us


The founding history of the office

Louis International Patent Office (hereafter referred to as the Office) was established in 1972. Since then, the Office has been providing quality legal services in the intellectual property areas, including patent, trademark and copyrights, for various industrial fields. As a renowned and professional agency, the patent engineers of the office contribute their expertise in various technical fields, such as biotechnology, medicine, mechanics, electronic engineering, semiconductor technology, computer technology, etc. for clients throughout the world, and provide professional services with regard to intellectual property rights so as to fulfill the special requirements of global clients.
The establishment of close relationships between the office and international professional offices and business contacts of multi-international companies is essential for the Office to upgrade its overall professional quality. Over the past few decades, the Office has been providing services for numerous overseas clients to acquire protection of intellectual property rights in Taiwan and assisting domestic clients with filing applications of patent, trademark and copyrights as well as handling relevant cases abroad ever since its foundation in 1972, and hence accumulating extensive international practical experiences. Furthermore, the Office is able to establish and maintain a system of global professional quality by actively engaging in international exchange and participating in major international conferences. As such, with profound knowledge and expertise in practicing intellectual property rights as well as professional foreign language skills, the Office can provide international quality services which meet clients’ respective, individual needs in establishing the required international vision. 

Development Status

More than 100 members provide their expertise and services in the Office. The organizational structure can be divided into three main departments: the technology department, the procedural department, and the legal affair department. The technology department consists of nearly 70 patent agents and patent engineers covering three major technical fields, i.e., mechanical, chemical, and electrical & electronic fields. The procedural department consists of around 30 professional staff taking charge of procedures of the cases and related paperwork. The legal affair department consists of lawyers, and professional legal staff responsible for trademark, copyrights, and relevant intellectual property rights’ cases. 

Range of Services

Our clients can acquire protection for domestic and overseas intellectual property rights with the help of the services provided by the Office. Our client tier includes world-renowned industries, universities, and research institutes in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, information technology, mechanics, semiconductor, chemistry, medicine, and life sciences in Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe, and America.


The business philosophy of the Office

The Office upholds strict discipline and moral standard for business, which can sufficiently assist our clients to adapt to changing markets and technical and operational environments.  In addition to providing services of filing applications with respect to intellectual property rights, contending against counterfeit and infringement, handling procedures for remedies and dispute resolution, and helping clients to establish and apply a comprehensive management system, the Office further provides services for patent analysis of research and development results, identification of patent infringement, and designing around other patents to assist clients in taking advantage of intellectual property rights and promoting technological innovation.
The Office requires that the team shall proactively explore in depth the technical content and individual requirements of our clients, think in the shoes of clients and their competitors, and raise service values with professional technical standards, so that our clients can understand, identify with, and trust the Office and acquire the most and greatest protection possible. Moreover, the Office occasionally provides educational trainings and lectures for clients to share the latest information on patent practice and special cases. To meet our clients’ requirements with respect to granted patents of competitors, the Office also provides analysis of current market statuses and growth trends for clients to conduct market evaluation and competitive advantageous analysis. Furthermore, the Office provides services and information on knowhow deals, technology commercialization designs, patent monitoring, search analysis, valuation, collecting infringement evidence and lawsuit proceedings, advising clients of the situation of technology competition and strategies of intellectual property rights, and assisting our clients in establishing their patent map. The Office has been upholding a service spirit of integrity and reliance with regard to clients’ technical outcomes to wholeheartedly strive for the interests of customers ever since its founding. We will continue to strengthen the management system of the organization and upgrade professional skills of our staff so as to meet and satisfy contemporary specific requirements.
Vision for the future

The company culture of the Office emphasizes on working efficiency, effective communication, support, and cooperation. In addition to creating an environment in favor of employees and business development, the Office further strengthens internal communication transparency, and coordination of various departments so as to promote overall working efficiency. The potential and intelligence of the members in the organization can be fully exerted by good communication skills and mutual coordination. The collective intellectual and contribution of a team can produce multiplier effect through cultivating mutual understanding and sharing of experience, interactive learning, and effective collaboration skills. Based on the above, a working environment for employees to unleash their ability and potential to the maximum can be created, where the employees can enrich and surmount themselves in their career.
Nowadays, the Office is steady growing in a hope that the office can meet clients’ needs timely and gain their trust. Currently, the Office has established a contact base in Shanghai and will continuously establish contact bases in major cities of China in the future to provide the fastest service for clients in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The Office also dedicates itself in providing clients with high quality services for intellectual property rights so as to reach the ultimate goal of assisting the government and enterprises to upgrade the level of domestic intellectual property rights.  Becoming the largest office in the field of intellectual property rights is not the vision of the Office; rather, the Office has the vision of becoming the best defender of intellectual property rights and continuously exerts its heart and strength in the relative fields. 

Market Orientation

The Office remains committed to high service quality since its foundation. The cornerstone principles of business based on integrity and honesty safeguard clients’ best interests and enable the Office to offer irreplaceable professional quality of services in keen competition. For the past 4 decades years, the Office has been working hard in providing professional suggestions and advices for our clients based on our extensive knowledge and experience to not only advocate our clients’ legal rights but also pursue an ongoing upgrade of the service quality for protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights. The ongoing upgrade of the service quality is the substantial proof of providing best services to our clients.