About us
Louis International Patent Office (hereafter referred to as the Office) was established in 1972. Since then, the Office has been providing quality legal services in the intellectual property areas, including patent, trademark and copyrights, for various industrial fields. As a renowned and professional agency, the patent engineers of the office contribute their expertise in various technical fields, such as biotechnology, medicine, mechanics, electronic engineering, semiconductor technology, computer technology, etc. for clients throughout the world, and provide professional services with regard to intellectual property rights so as to fulfill the special requirements of global clients.
More than 100 members provide their expertise and services in the Office. The organizational structure can be divided into three main departments: the technology department, the procedural department, and the legal affair department. The technology department consists of nearly 70 patent agents and patent engineers covering three major technical fields, i.e., mechanical, chemical, and electrical & electronic fields. The procedural department consists of around 30 professional staff taking charge of procedures of the cases and related paperwork. The legal affair department consists of lawyers, and professional legal staff responsible for trademark, copyrights, and relevant intellectual property rights’ cases.